Bakan - Future of Yarn!

Bakan Tex was estabilished in 2017 and is a part of Orient Group of Companies. At present time, we produce cotton yarn according to the latest technologies of leading German companies at a speed of 41 tons in a day, and it is not the limit of our equipment. Due to strict observance of contractual obligations and production technology, as well as high quality of yarn, our factory exports over half of all our products for export.

At our company the maximum control of quality of production is constantly carried out for an exception of probability of detective goods in ready parties. In addition, we try to fully satisfy the needs of each client. These principles form is the philosophy of our company, which is based on the highest quality and work on the result, completely satisfying the customer.

We hope and are confident that we will be able to become reliable partners for you, helping in your progress, constant development on the way to success.

Thank you for choosing us!