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Today, the best markets for investment are in developing countries, and the most promising among them is Uzbekistan. Every year, the country's GDP is growing steadily by 5%



Reasons for the attractiveness of Uzbekistan for investors

Diversified Economy Production, agriculture, construction, retail, transport and other areas are developing in Uzbekistan. Each sector of the economy accounts for no more than 26% of GDP - if one sector has collapsed, others continue to function


Great human capital

 Uzbekistan has the largest population in Central Asia - 38.9 million people, 19.9 million of them are able-bodied population. Many qualified employees: 99% of the population has access to secondary education, from 2017-2021 the state has allocated $ 458.7 million for the development of higher education

Logistic attractiveness

Uzbekistan is well located and remains the center of trade flows since the days of the Silk Road. Here is one of the most developed logistics infrastructures in Central Asia, and thanks to the construction of the China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan railway, access to the ports of the Persian Gulf and the Pacific Ocean is planned


Government removes barriers to investment and business

Uzbekistan entered the top 10 countries that have improved the investment climate: an administrative reform has been launched to combat corruption, restrictions on retail trade have been reduced, the taxation system has been modernized, and the fight against market monopolization is underway.








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