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Today, the best markets for investment are in developing countries, and the most promising among them is Uzbekistan. Every year, the country’s GDP is growing steadily by 5%

Bakan Tex

Future Of Yarn

LLC “BAKAN TEX” started its activity in 2017. The main production products are 100% cotton yarn: combed compact. To date, the annual production capacity of Bakan Tex is 14,500 tons, and at the same time, all capacities are occupied for one and a half, two months in advance.

Bakan Tex exports products to Poland, Macedonia, Portugal, Russia, the Kyrgyz Republic, Turkey, Pakistan, China and Egypt. In addition, our company has representative offices in Poland, Russia, Turkey, China and Egypt.

FT Textile Group

In the course of organizing the activities of Bakan Tex LLC, an advanced industrial complex of FT Textile Group LLC was also launched in Namangan region. Currently, the company produces cotton yarn according to the latest technologies of leading German companies at a speed of 41 tons per day, and this is not the limit of our equipment.


Leather and footwear industry

ORIENT TECHNOLOGY (ORIENT TECHNOLOGY, JV LLC) the main activity of the enterprise is the production of Wet-Blue chrome-plated semi-finished product from the skins of cattle and small cattle. ORIENT TECHNOLOGY was established in 2010 in the city of Nukus, specializing in the processing of cattle and small cattle skins based on Italian equipment. The main sales markets are Italy, Russia, India and China. The total export volume is 95%. The production capacity is 4800 tons of raw materials per year. Currently, the factory employs 60 people.


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