Factory process

The production capacity of the factory for the final equipment is 63360 spindles.

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Technology and equipment

The factory has the following equipment:

Technological equipment installed in Bakan Tex complies with the requirements of Euro standard ISO 9001

The above equipment, when maintained and operated in accordance with the recommendations and technical instructions of manufacturers, will produce high quality products that meet the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001 series.

Technological process

Bales of cotton fiber are brought by loaders to the opening and cleaning shop, where they are unpacked and kept at a given temperature and humidity regime for a day.

Automatic bale opener BLENDOMAD A-2300 selects cotton fiber from bales on one side while the bale rate is set on the other side of the feeder, according to typical sortings.

The BLENDOMAD A-2300 bale opener breaks cotton bales into very fine tufts, which are blown through a pipeline through a dust separator, solids separator and metal detector to the CLP Coarse Cleaner. In the coarse cleaner, the cotton tufts are gently cleaned, while up to 70% of impurities are removed. The cotton then enters the MXU where the cheese is blended in an unparalleled 3-point blending process that guarantees homogeneous blending.

After thorough mixing, the cotton fiber is fed to the CLU machine with a cleaning module, where small impurities are separated by means of a cleaning drum with a serrated set. With the help of a condenser, which serves as a pneumatic conveyor and removes dust from the fiber, the material is fed to the TC 15 carding machines.

The high-performance card TC 15 is an essential link in the spinning process. TC 15 uniformly takes cotton from transport pipes and stacks it for subsequent combing of the fiber, the fiber received by the TC 15 carding machine goes through the final pre-cleaning stage, is partially paralyzed and placed in special round barrels in the form of a tape (basins with wheels), for further transportation from cotton fiber to the next technological machines.

Ribbons are fed to draw frames TD 09 without auto-adjuster, where 6-8 ribbons are connected into one and pulled out 6-8 times. This achieves maximum parallelism of the fibers and additional dedusting, using a new improved suction system of the exhaust vent.

On the second belt transition, 6-8 belts are connected by means of TD-8 auto-adjusting belt machines and stretched 6-8 times, at the outlet these machines are equipped with an adjusting device that allows the most accurate adjustment and aligned belts even at a speed of 1100 m / min. The control results are read on the control panel in the form of various diagrams.

In the subsequent process, the material is directed to the Speed 5A roving frame. On the Speed 5A machine, a roving is formed from the tape and wound onto a spool with an average of 2.0 kg each.

In the subsequent process, the roving is sent to the Impact 72 spinning machine. On the spinning machine, the roving is drawn from 20 to 45 times, depending on the yarn number.

The yarn is sent to the Autoconer 6 winding machine. The winding machine is the final link for the production of yarn in packages (bobbins, on a paper cone), where the yarn is also further transported for further sale to the finished product warehouse.

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