High Efficiency Automation In Textile Industry

High efficiency automation in textile industry

Technologies are constantly developing. The manual model of production has evolved into an absolute robotic system for the production of goods and services, excluding the human factor in enterprises as much as possible. Automation in the textile industry will give a powerful technological impetus, leading to the development of an entire industry that has used the method of manual production to the robotic high-tech industry until this day. Automation solves many important tasks that determine the market competition of an enterprise:

•         Increasing labor productivity;

•         Release of goods with a new level of quality;

•         Optimization of labor resources, including “harmful” production;

•         Improving the efficiency of the enterprise (raw materials conservation, reduction of waste, minimization of errors, increasing the speed of implementation of tasks);

•         A new level of management, fulfilling tasks in coordination with all departments.

Today, Uzbekistan is one of the leading countries producing cotton and cotton products.Investments, combined with effective management, the introduction of modern equipment and technologies, will stimulate development of the textile industry in Uzbekistan, which will help to increase export potential.